Rental Houses

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lots of choices

If you are looking for a rental house we have the perfect program for you. Whether you would like to rent for one year or for multiple years we can help.

We can show you how you can have more choices of homes to rent then you ever imagined possible. Literally any size home in any area you choose.

rent a house

Sometimes you want to rent cause you are not interested in buying a home and sometimes you rent because you are not able to get a mortgage right now. We can help in either case.


With this amazing program we have helped people rent homes all over the area. We have helped people from out of town who are just not ready to buy yet and we have helped people who for whatever reason can not get a mortgage right now but might be able to in a few years.

right to purchase

This program also gives you the option to purchase the home if you like. Give me a call and let me explain this wonderful program to you and show you how just about anyone can qualify no matter what your circumstances are.


Call now and talk to Craig at 847-287-8742 or just send an email. You will be very happy you did.